Playing the guitar and writing songs are among my favorite things to do. I don't claim to be a great guitar player or singer. My songs are really more like poems, I like to think. Below are some songs that I have written and recorded. From left to right, songs proceed from newest to oldest. Hopefully I'm getting better with time!





'Puddles of Mud.' I wrote this in 2017 while working in Florida

'Dead Leaves.' I wrote this

in 2015 while in Kentucky

'Super Bowl Song.' Co-

created with L.  Durden in 2019, while in Indiana.

'Donkeys, Elephants, and Caribou.' I wrote this in 2019, while in Michigan.

'Traveling Song.' I wrote this in Michigan in 2021.

'Gaining My Mind.' I wrote 

this in Michigan in 2022.

'Been.' I wrote this in Michigan in 2022.