Playing guitar and writing songs are among my favorite things to do. I don't claim to be a great guitar player or singer. My songs are really more like poems, I like to think. Below are some songs that I have written and recorded. Below each video is the name of the song, as well as where and when I wrote it. From left to right, top to bottom, songs proceed from newest to oldest. Hopefully I'm getting better with time!

Been. MI, 2022.

Mind. MI. 2022

Traveling Song. MI. 2021

Donkeys, Elephants, Caribou. MI. 2019

Super Bowl Song. IN. 2019. (co-written w/ L. Durden)

Puddles of Hope. FL. 2017.

Dead Leaves. KY. 2015.

Wild Words. MI. 2022.

Clementine. MI. 2023.